BIRHC Documents 2018-19

All documents received after the certified letter was sent to BIRHC Board

BIRHC Board of Directors Meeting March 9 Draft Minutes

BINN was notified that the 12/8/18 meetings has been rescheduled to 12/15/18.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center
Board of Directors
BIRHC Community Room
December 15, 2018 10:00 AM

1. Call to order, welcome, announcements C. Wojan

2. Revisions to the Agenda C. Wojan

3. Review, revisions & approval of minutes *Action Required C. Wojan

September 15, 2018 & Special Meeting November 1, 2018

4. Financial & Utilization Reports

A. Financial reports presentations & discussion *Action Required M. Cook
B. Review of Financial Reports M.Cook
C. Approve Check *Register Action Required C. Wojan

5. Committee Reports

A. Resource Development C. Wojan
B. Finance D. Spencer
C. Building Maintenance D. Cook/J. Wojan
D. Fundraising Report C. Wojan
a. 2019 Raffle M. Turner

6. Operations Report

A. Summary of Activities, Statistics 2018 D. Kubic

7. New Business

A. Demonstration of New Basic Telecommunication Capabilities Bill Johnson
B. Motion to approve 3% raise for staff C. Wojan
C. Employee Xmas Bonus C. Wojan
D. Election of Officers C. Wojan
E. Set 2019 Meeting Dates C. Wojan
F. Committee Assignments C. Wojan
G. Dental Funding and Update M. Carrington
H. Bylaw revisions D. Cook

8. Old Business
9. Public Comment C. Wojan
10. Motion to adjourn *Action Required C. Wojan

BIRHC Special Meeting Agenda for December 20, 2018

Dec 15 2018, Annual Meeting Minutes

Dec 20, 2018l Special Meeting minutes