BIRHC Documents 2018-19

All documents received after the certified letter was sent to BIRHC Board

BIRHC Annual Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2019
10:00 AM BIRHC Community Room

Present- Board members- Don Spencer, Maura Turner, Diane McDonough, Bill Johnson, Paul Welke
Absent- Jim Wojan (phoned in to participate in new business)
Guest-Connie Wojan
Staff-Tammy Radionoff, Ann Partridge, Joan Matejovsky
Public- Brad Grassmick, Kathie Ehinger, Kitty McNamara, Paul Niehaus, Dawn Marsh, Steve Radionoff, Frank D’Andraia, Joe Reed, Angel Welke

Call to order
President Don Spencer called the meeting to order at 10:02 am                                                                
Revision to agenda
No revision to the agenda was made                                                                    
Review, revisions & approval of minutes
Minutes to October 1, 2019 meeting were approved (Maura Turner/Bill Johnson) unanimous
Minutes to November 14, 2019 meeting were approved (Bill Johnson/Maura Turner) unanimous                                            
Financial report               
State funding was restored and increased from $100,000 to $250,000. Jim Haveman and Bill McDonough were thanked for their part in the restoration of funds.
Committee Reports
Resource Development               
Connie Wojan suggested including a legacy, planned giving program in the winter newsletter which she volunteered to without compensation. The discussion continued to include the legacy planned giving on the BIRHC website and in the BIRHC calendar add in the newspaper. Approved (Welke/McDonough) unanimously approved                
Building Maintenance  
Shingles on building to be power washed, repaired, and stained in late spring. Maura Turner is working on RFP to get quotes. Motion made to review RFP at next meeting (Welke/Johnson) unanimously approved.                                               
Operations Report
Free eye exams and free glasses were provided to qualifying patients in October. Dental Clinics North began seeing patients in November. Agreement was signed with iPatientCare to begin implementation of electronic medical records for the clinic in November.                                                                
Old Business
Bylaw Revision
Revisions made to wording in sections 3.06 and 3.07 of the bylaws to clarify the process of replacing board members in the event of a mid-year vacancy (Bill Johnson/Paul Welke) unanimous                                          
New Business
Telephone System
Telephone system is in need of updating. Quotes are to be obtained from three different suppliers if possible.                                                
Computer System
Computer system needs to be replaced to maintain federal regulatory compliance. Quote presented was accepted (Paul Welke/Diane McDonough) with one nay vote by Bill Johnson
Mackinac Straits Health System visit
Contact Rod Nelson of Mackinac Straights to gain perspective on being part of a larger organization/affiliation before continuing discussions with McLaren.
Search for New Book Keeper    
Motion to authorize Tammy Radionoff and Bill Johnson to post the position and research prospective book keepers (Don Spencer/Diane McDonough)                                     
Employee Christmas Gift
Motion made to give BIRHC employees $50 Christmas bonus and to give Donna Kubic a $1,000 bonus (Don Spencer/Diane McDonough) unanimous.                                           
Election of Board Members
Recommendations by Bill Johnson and Jim Wojan to elect Cody Randall and Frank D’Andraia  to fill board positions (Jim Wojan/Bill Johnson) nay vote by Paul Welke.                                     
Election of Bill Johnson to second term               
(Paul Welke/Diane McDonough) unanimous
Election of Officers                                        
Vice President: Paul Welke (Bill Johnson/Diane McDonough) unanimous
Treasurer: Bill Johnson (Don Spencer/Paul Welke) unanimous
Secretary: Frank D’Andraia (Diane McDonough/Paul Welke) unanimous
Appoint Don Spencer as Board Liaison  
(Bill Johnson/Paul Welke) unanimous    
Set 2020 Meeting Dates
January 11, 2020; April 25, 2020; July 18, 2020; September 12, 2020; December 12, 2020                                  
Committee Assignments
President-Don Spencer; Vice President-Paul Welke;  Secretary-Frank D’Andraia; Treasurer- Bill Johnson
Dr. John Martin; Ann Partridge; Cecilia Peasley; Bill Johnson; Cody Randall
Chair- Diane McDonough; Jim Wojan; Paul Welke
Chair- Bill Johnson; Don Spencer; Frank D’Andraia
Resource Development and Marketing/Fund Exploration:
Chair- Connie Wojan, Co-Chair-Frank D’Andraia; Ann Partridge
Building Maintenance:
Jim Wojan; John Works Jr.                                          
Public Comment
Connie Wojan gave public recognition to Mary Cook for 15 years of service and advice.
Motion to adjourn
Motion made at 11:40 am (Bill Johnson/Paul Welke)

Respectfully submitted by: Tammy Radionoff, Managing Director


BIRHC Board of Directors Meeting March 9 Draft Minutes

BINN was notified that the 12/8/18 meetings has been rescheduled to 12/15/18.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center
Board of Directors
BIRHC Community Room
December 15, 2018 10:00 AM

1. Call to order, welcome, announcements C. Wojan

2. Revisions to the Agenda C. Wojan

3. Review, revisions & approval of minutes *Action Required C. Wojan

September 15, 2018 & Special Meeting November 1, 2018

4. Financial & Utilization Reports

A. Financial reports presentations & discussion *Action Required M. Cook
B. Review of Financial Reports M.Cook
C. Approve Check *Register Action Required C. Wojan

5. Committee Reports

A. Resource Development C. Wojan
B. Finance D. Spencer
C. Building Maintenance D. Cook/J. Wojan
D. Fundraising Report C. Wojan
a. 2019 Raffle M. Turner

6. Operations Report

A. Summary of Activities, Statistics 2018 D. Kubic

7. New Business

A. Demonstration of New Basic Telecommunication Capabilities Bill Johnson
B. Motion to approve 3% raise for staff C. Wojan
C. Employee Xmas Bonus C. Wojan
D. Election of Officers C. Wojan
E. Set 2019 Meeting Dates C. Wojan
F. Committee Assignments C. Wojan
G. Dental Funding and Update M. Carrington
H. Bylaw revisions D. Cook

8. Old Business
9. Public Comment C. Wojan
10. Motion to adjourn *Action Required C. Wojan

BIRHC Special Meeting Agenda for December 20, 2018

Dec 15 2018, Annual Meeting Minutes

Dec 20, 2018l Special Meeting minutes

Board of Directors Meeting - Draft Minutes
Saturday, June 15, 2019
10:00 AM BIRHC Community Room

Present – Bill Johnson, Larry Kubic, Don Spencer, Maureen Turner, Diane McDonough, Jim Wojan
Guest Mary Cook, Denny Cook, Connie Wojan
Staff Donna Kubic, Managing Director; Ann Partridge, Admin Asst

I.          Call to Order, Welcome, and Announcements
President Don Spencer called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM.
II.         Revisions to the Agenda

III.        Review, revisions and approval of Minutes
Motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of March 9, 2019 and special meeting of April 28, 2019 as written (Johnson/Kubic) unanimously approved.

IV.        Committee Reports

  1. Denny Cook reviewed the generator testing and contract options as well as the current status of the exterior finishing. Motion to have bid specifications developed for the exterior cleaning, power-washing, staining and cedar shingles repair of the facility (Johnson/McDonough) unanimously approved.

V.         Financial & Utilization Reports

  1. Mary Cook reviewed the Transaction List by Vendor, Profit & Loss Statements, and Liquid Cash Report. She indicated the Audit Committee has approved the Audit and the 990 is prepared. Motion to accept current reports and Audit and file the 990 subject to two revisions specified by M. Cook. (Kubic/Johnson) unanimously approved.
  2. Motion to transfer $168,000.00 ($68k Endowment Fund Interest and $100k from Special Project Fund) to a CD with the most favorable terms available (Spencer/Johnson) unanimously approved.
  3. Motion to Approve Check Register (Turner/Wojan) unanimously approved.

VI.        Operations Report
Update on two new support staff, new copier/fax machine, and new IT company. Doctor of Nursing student from U of M Flint currently doing a 112-hour clinical rotation at the Center. Implementing a voicemail system for prescription refill requests. EMR to be pursued in the fall.

VlI.       New Business

  1. Discussed Dr. Martin’s licensure, travel and operations costs, determining that everything is within budgeted amount.
  2. Addressed complaint of Island resident regarding Dental Clinics North. Don Spencer confirmed that the BIRHC and its Board are not responsible for operations or oversight of Dental Clinics North, but rather their role is that of ‘Landlord’.

IX.      Public Comment

X.       Motion to Adjourn
           Motion to adjourn 11:35 AM (Wojan/Kubic)

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Partridge, Services Coordinator