Subscription Page

Any subscription, either new or renewal, will have 10% of the subscription fee donated to the Beaver Island Food Pantry in your name for any one or two year subscription. The minimum donation will be $5.00 for each subscription and/or renewal for December 2018, January, February, and March of 2019.

Instructions for using the PayNow buttons on this page to pay by credit card:

1. Choose which subscription you would like, 3 month individual, yearly individual, or business subscription.

2. Click on the "PayNow Buy Now" button for your choice, You should go to the PayPal website to purchase the subscription.

3. When the PayPal webpage comes up, look on the left side of the page for the credit card icons and the "Don't have a PayPal account" words, then click "continue" to be able to enter your information

4. It should now say "Pay with Credit Card or Login" near the top of the page. Fill in your information including credit card information, name, address, email address, and click "Review Order and Continue" button.

5. Review you information to make certain it is correct, and click the "Pay Now" button on the page.

Your information will automatically be sent to the editor, and your credit card will be charged immediately.

Please allow up to one week for us to get your subscription established after you pay by credit card.  This usually is accomplished the same day.

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Three Month Subscription $15.00

This will work for any three months, not just the summertime.


Individual One Year Subscription with Video Support $60.00

You wish to


Individual One Year Subscription $40.00

Allows your family access from home with one log-in name:


Individual Two Year subscription with video support $100.00

You wish to help support the maintenance of the live streaming video and archived video on demand.


Individual Two Year Subscription $70.00


Business Subscription for Both Websites, BINN and BITV, $250.00

This allow 5 users to access the website and your logo or business card posting and link on both websites.


Business Subscription for BINN only $150.00

Allows 5 users to access the website and includes a link to your website or a business card posted as you see above.